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We are a Bromley based beauty training company with salons in Orpington, Maidstone and West Malling. We offer all our training in our salons, online or we can come to your home or Salon.

Our Orpington, Kent salon is called Bow’s Beauty and Tanning and is our sister company. We have owned and managed the salon since 2014 and have an amazing team and amazing customers.

Our Maidstone salon is called Botanical Beauty and we collaborated with them in 2020 and have enjoyed offering our training courses with them since joining their team.

Our West Malling salon is called the therapy rooms and we collaborated with them in 2021 they have been a great team to partner with and we are looking forward to a busy 2022 with them.

We have a very high pass rate of over 95% and we feel this is because we offer such intense aftercare. Our students never feel like they have been left on their own and when they face any problem or challenges we are always available to offer advice.

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What We Do

Since opening our beauty salon we have been passionate about getting into the beauty training industry and decided to put our plan into action in 2017 after spending several years building up our salon. We have used our knowledge of carrying out treatments, dealing with customers, purchasing products and running a business to put together our training days and manuals. We have also used past experiences of training courses we have been on and the likes and dislikes we had. We always found that after care and advise was a must as our worst experiences were paying and attending a course that we walked away a little unconfident about but had no contact to ask questions and advise after and have made this a big part of our training. You will be able to ask us as many questions you need to for as long as you need.

We have spent over 10 years trying and testing different product brands and have produced our own products. We work closely with flirties and have been using their brand for many years and have found it impossible to beat. We retail our own lashes and lash products and spent a very long time making sure they were perfect and to the highest standard.

Our Russian lash training requires you have completed classic lashes

All our other courses are suitable for beginners. Your new skill can be something you do in your spare time or something you make your full-time occupation. We often find students begin doing it as an extra income and in time get busy enough to leave their full-time job.



  • Classic & pre-made volume lashes
  • Lash lift & tinting
  • Russian lashes
  • Lash tinting & brow tinting & shaping
  • Henna brows
  • Gel Nails
  • Manicures & Pedicures


  • Highly Experienced trainer
  • Theory training & a manual
  • Practical training on a model
  • ABT accreditation
  • Discount on products
  • Discount on insurance
  • Life long help and support

Beauty Training Bromley

Some of our more intense beauty courses in Bromley require our students to carryout case studies which they can do at home within 3 months after their training and they are required to carry out the treatment learnt on a model or mannequin (if lash extensions) and send photos and information to their trainer for feedback. This is beneficial to the student as it helps them gain confidence and correct any errors that they are doing straight away.

Our Lash extension training has an option to learn on a model or mannequin and students also have an option to do some of their case studies on a mannequin. The pros of a mannequin are- Lashes are straight and evenly spaced so easier to lash, the lashes and eyes do not move while you are trying to place the lashes and you can take your time without worrying that your model is laying there to long. The benefits of a live model are- the lashes are life like as nobody has perfectly straight and spaced lashes, your model will have more lashes to lash while your practicing and you can see how the lashes last over time. It is mainly down to personal preference but we always encourage our students to use both.

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